UAE Police introduces a new luxury car to its fleet

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An "Audi RS Q8" was recently added to the Tourist Police Patrol by Dubai Police, marking a step toward more sophisticated security measures.

The authority demonstrated its commitment to modernizing security operations during the announcement, which was made on the second day of the Arabian Travel Market 2024.

Embracing Luxury for Enhanced Security

The Assistant Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigations for Administrative and Control Affairs, Brig. Dr. Saeed Abdullah Al Qamzi, emphasized Dubai Police's dedication to implementing sophisticated and opulent security patrols. This action demonstrates Dubai Police's dedication to equipping its fleet with cutting-edge security measures, guaranteeing both elegance and efficiency in its operations. This action demonstrates the agency's commitment to remaining at the forefront of security provisions.

In line with global trends and governmental initiatives, Dubai Police is actively upgrading its patrol vehicles, considering eco-friendly alternatives like electric or hybrid models. This step not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also enhances operational efficiency, reflecting the agency's progressive approach to policing.

Juma Al Nabooda, Associate Director and Board Member of Khalifa Juma Al Nabooda Group of Companies, expressed gratitude for the longstanding partnership with Dubai Police. Expressing gratitude for the enduring partnership with Dubai Police, Juma Al Nabooda underscored the significance of collaboration in ensuring security and safety, especially in the tourism sector. The acknowledgment of this partnership at the Arabian Travel Market reflects the mutual commitment to bolstering security measures.

In addition to the Audi RS Q8, Dubai Police introduced the 'Defender' beach bike at the Arabian Travel Market, highlighting the agency's focus on enhancing security in beach environments. Brig. Al Qamzi emphasized that this initiative aims to not only bolster security but also improve service delivery to beachgoers while simultaneously raising awareness about safety measures.

The introduction of the Audi RS Q8 and the 'Defender' beach bike exemplifies Dubai Police's commitment to innovation and excellence in security provision. These additions to the patrol fleet are not merely about enhancing security but also about providing a sense of safety and assurance to residents and tourists. By incorporating advanced technologies and sustainable practices, Dubai Police aims to set a benchmark for modern policing in tourist destinations.

Striving for Enhanced Security and Service

The introduction of the Audi RS Q8 and the "Defender" beach bike by Dubai Police demonstrates their dedication to quality and innovation in security services. The organization wants to make the environment safer and more secure for both locals and visitors by embracing cutting-edge technologies, forming collaborations, and extending security measures to a variety of settings. By means of such initiatives, Dubai Police sustains its standing as a preeminent authority in the fields of law enforcement and public safety.

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