UAE: Five Key Signs to Identify Fake Videos Using AI

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Engineer Mohammed Al Shehhi, a technical expert, has expressed worries regarding the spread of phony video clips made with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Even experts have trouble spotting these deepfake videos because they mimic reality so well. To stop the dissemination of false material, Al Shehhi highlights the vital necessity of increased awareness and education on how to spot these fabricated movies.

Identifying fake videos

The first indicator of a deepfake video is mismatched lip movements. This discrepancy arises because it is difficult to perfectly synchronize the real audio with the altered video. Viewers might notice that the speaker's lips do not align with the spoken words. Additionally, the tone of voice may differ from the individual's real voice, and there may be unnatural or inconsistent background noises. The second sign involves inconsistencies related to lighting and shadows. For instance, the lighting on a person’s face or the surrounding environment may appear irregular. Shadows might look unnatural or misplaced. Another telltale sign is irregular eye blinking or the complete absence of blinking, which does not align with natural human behavior.

A third clue is the inconsistency in skin texture, especially around the edges of the face. Deepfake technology sometimes fails to replicate the natural texture and details of human skin, resulting in noticeable anomalies that can reveal the video’s falsified nature. The fourth sign is the presence of behavior that is atypical of the person being depicted. Deepfakes can manipulate individuals to perform actions or express emotions that are out of character, raising suspicions about the video’s authenticity.

Last but not least, deepfake videos frequently have erratic face and body movements. Motions may seem stiff or hazy, particularly when activities are quick or abrupt. These strange motions may be a dead giveaway that the footage has been altered.

Al Shehhi notes that face modification is not the only application for deepfake technology. It can even create fully synthetic characters with realistic-looking voices, faces, and motions. These virtual beings have the ability to imitate social media influencers, interacting with actual people and spreading misleading content. This capacity makes it harder and harder to tell the difference between real and fake stuff. A deepfake persona might, for instance, provide false medical advice, putting the public's health in serious danger.

Tools and Applications for Detection

Advanced technologies and software have been created to counter the proliferation of deepfake movies. These technologies analyze information and assess its authenticity probability using artificial intelligence approaches. These apps assist users in distinguishing between true and false content by analyzing photos and videos and providing comprehensive reports. The continuous endeavor to identify and lessen the effects of deepfakes requires the use of such technology.

Engineer Mohammed Al Shehhi’s warnings highlight the urgent need for greater awareness and education about deepfake videos. Recognizing the signs of deepfake technology, from mismatched lip movements to uncharacteristic behaviors, is crucial in maintaining the integrity of information. Additionally, leveraging advanced detection tools can help identify and counteract the spread of falsified content, protecting individuals and society from the dangers of misinformation.

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