Halima Boland was sentenced to two years in prison

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On charges of "incitement to debauchery and debauchery," the Kuwaiti Criminal Court sentenced well-known broadcaster and media personality Halima Boland to two years in jail with hard labor and a fine of 2,000 dinars. Her attorney disclosed the case's specifics on Friday.

After a Kuwaiti citizen accused the broadcaster of "inciting him to immorality and immorality through her photos and through her private videos and clips," the Criminal Court charged the Kuwaiti journalist yesterday, Thursday, with inciting to immorality, immorality, and misuse of the phone due to photos and video clips.

However, Boland claimed that the "victim" had "abused her by insulting her," so she promptly sued him for allegedly mistreating and abusing her over the phone.

The journalist Halima Boland's attorney, Maryam Al-Bahr, provided an explanation of her client's prison term, noting that the person who initially filed the lawsuit against her was also sentenced to two years in prison, hard work, and a fine of two thousand dinars.

In a video released by the "Council" account, she said that the matter was fully obscured and went back a year.

"Both parties sued each other, and both received the same sentence of imprisonment and fine," the speaker went on.

Maryam Al-Bahr revealed that Halima Boland was the target of the genuine claim of "incitement to debauchery and debauchery," adding that the well-known figure in the media is unaware of the identity of the accuser.

She added that they started dating when he messaged her on WhatsApp, asking her to get to know him and marry him. He also sent her his personal images and amorous messages, which led to them cuddling, chatting, and sharing photos.

It also demonstrated that by using Halima Boland's personal phone, the "opponent" individual was able to collect certain items from her.

She went on to say, "If it had not been for the voice messages he sent to Halima Boland, his crime would have been perfect."

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